Leadership Team

Itsuo Asai M.D. Chairperson of the Board of Directors at Heart Clinic Medical Corporation

Dr. Itsuo Asai is a psychiatrist, and the chairman of the board of directors at Heart Clinic Medical Corporation in Japan. In addition, he serves as a board member for several professional organizations including the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP), the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists (PRCP) and the Japanese Society of Transcultural Psychiatry (JSTP). He has been appointed as the grand chairman of the WACP and PRCP joint congress 2025 Tokyo.

Dr. Asai's expertise extends to education, research, and quality control processes, and he has been involved in numerous international research projects on alcoholism and other psychiatric disorders. He has published several books and articles on various mental health issues such as MDD, Tourette Syndrome and Adjustment Disorder. His present research interests are in the area of neurodiversity, Tourette Syndrome and AI in psychiatry.

He has also organized several conferences for psychiatrists in Kanagawa prefecture and served as the managing advisor for the secretariat of an educational program aimed at solving transcultural problems.

Dr. Asai earned BA from Tokyo University in the Department of Literature, Japanese literature, and MD from Chiba University in the Department of Medicine.

Kazuki Nakajima M.D., Ph.D. Director of Heart Clinic Ofuna

My name is Kazuki Nakajima. I have been the Director of Heart Clinic since April 2024. I have worked as a psychiatrist at university hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and general hospitals. While working at various hospitals, I have realized once again that mental and psychological problems vary from patient to patient depending on their living and working environments.

I have decided to see patients at Heart Clinic in order to apply my medical experience to community mental health care. At Heart Clinic, we provide treatment based on the findings obtained through medical examinations and various tests.

In addition to outpatient treatment by psychiatrist, we also have rework and day care services to help patients return to work and engage in social activities. Psychological testing and counseling by a psychologist are available at Komachi Clinical Psychology Office.

We are also open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. If you have any mental or psychological problems, please visit our clinic. Thank you.

Atsusih Kashiwa M.D., Ph.D. Director of Heart Clinic Yokohama

Atsushi Kashiwa is a Japanese psychiatrist and the director of Heart Clinic Yokohama. In March 1988, he graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine. In April 2009, he assumed the position of director at Heart Clinic Yokohama.

Dr. Kashiwa specializes in diagnosing adult neurodevelopmental disorders and is associated with various institutions. He serves as a visiting professor at Showa University School of Medicine and holds teaching positions at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Aoyama Gakuin University. Additionally, he works as a physician for mental health consultations in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.

Dr. Kashiwa actively participates in several professional societies and organizations related to his field. He serves as a council member for the Adult Neurodevelopmental Disorder Support Society and will act as the chairperson for their 10th annual meeting scheduled for October 21-22, 2023. He is also a president of the Japanese Clinical Society of Adult Neurodevelopmental Disorders and served as the chairperson for their inaugural meeting. Furthermore, he is a council member of the Japanese Society of Biological Psychiatry.

Atsushi Kashiwa has made significant contributions to the field of psychiatry, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of adult neurodevelopmental disorders. His involvement in academia, teaching positions, and leadership roles in professional societies showcase his commitment to advancing the understanding and support for these conditions.

Masaaki Higuchi M.D. Director of Heart Clinic Machida

Dr. Masaaki Higuchi is a dedicated psychiatrist with a wealth of experience in clinical psychiatry. He graduated from Mie University School of Medicine. In the early years of his career, he pursued further training in psychiatry at Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital, gaining valuable insights into the field.

Throughout his career, Dr. Higuchi has held several important roles in renowned medical institutions. He served as a psychiatrist at Suzuka Sakura Hospital in 2003 and later assumed the position of Chief Physician of the Psychiatric and Psychotherapy Department at Yamamoto General Hospital in 2006. Demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field, he became the Director of Heart Clinic Machida in 2012.

Dr. Higuchi possesses a wide range of specializations and extensive clinical expertise in addressing a variety of mental health conditions. His profound knowledge extends to areas such as mood disorders, schizophrenia, dementia, and anxiety disorders.

As an active member of the medical community, Dr. Higuchi is affiliated with the esteemed Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology. Through his involvement in professional organizations, he stays abreast of the latest advancements and contributes to the ongoing development of the field.

Masakazu Takaoka M.D. Director of the Heart Clinic Odawara

For challenges of “Heart", we are here for you. At Heart Clinic Odawara, we provide multifaceted assistance in resolving your challgenges.

In order to assist as many people as possible, the clinic is open until 8 p.m. on Friday, and we are available for appointments on Sundays and holidays without interruption. Drawing upon the expertise cultivated at Heart Clinic, including cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, relaxation techniques, stress management, and psychiatric day care, we offer multifaceted treatments. We collaborate with other specialists such as psychologists as needed to provide comprehensive therapy. The clinic director also practices herbal psychiatry.

We have established a system capable of conducting various psychological and physical examinations properly. Furthermore, we require all staff members, including physicians, nurses, psychiatric social workers, clinical psychologists, and medical clerks, to undergo various educational trainings. We, the entire staff, will strive to provide reliable diagnostic and treatment techniques as well as a sincere and warm therapeutic environment. Again, we are here to support your journey towards mental well-being and to assist you in overcoming any challenges you may face.